gray slab

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gray slab

Pietra Gray Marble is the name of this product. Kinds of Pietra Gray Marble Slab, Tile and Quarry 

We export gray marble

We export rivash gray marble

We export brown marble

Buy Iranian stone - How to buy stone from Iranian stone exporting companies

Petra Gray slab

It should be said that one of the good advantages of this stone is that it has good resistance and is one of the most resistant building blocks against impact and pressure.

It also has low water absorption and is very durable against heat and cold, and can be used in all conditions.

Also should you know that one of the drawbacks of this stone is the accumulation of dark veins which may evaporate over time and destroy the apparent beauty of the stone.

We can provide you block, slab, tile and cut to size.

Also, you can choose a different finishing, such as polished, honed, flamed, sandblasted, etc.

In addition, you can read more about our warranty and shipping policies here.

Retail Policy Price List of Marble Products for Tiles & Slab:

Tile price, retail slab is the price that end users will pay So this price list should be flexible in discount I favier from customers

Otherwise, you will not succeed in increasing buyers. LimestoneSuitable for interior facade & interior floor of building

Tiles & Slab Wholesale Policy Price List:

When you intend to buy Iranian marble products please be aware that if you ask for wholesale price list, you will have the advantage of getting better price for tiles, slabs. So you will have

Bulk Purchase Price for Tile & Slab Products:

When you want to buy stones in bulk, the quality is not a problem for you

When you order direct sales as an agent for a marble product, it is It is better to have an agreement to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. Marble is the most consuming stone in the world but only for indoors.