Three months' notice is the norm for most tenants. If you want to move out of the apartment earlier, you can look for a new tenant. Looking for a new tenant yourself has some advantages: If your old and new lease overlap and you can find a successor, you don't have to pay double the rent. The new tenant may also take over individual pieces of furniture, your fitted kitchen, or paint the apartment himself, and you don't have to do that. So even looking for a new tenant can be worthwhile.


The free user account is essential when looking for a new tenant. You can use it to manage your searches and start creating an ad immediately. You can save this at any time and edit it later.

Finding a new tenant: Photograph the room properly.

To give potential replacement tenants a good impression of the apartment, photos are essential. You can also take good photos without a professional camera and many years of photography training. When looking for a new tenant, you should consider the following points in the union complex:

Show the prospective tenant the most important rooms in your photos, i.e., at least the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. A photo of the balcony or terrace should also not be missing.

Wide-angle lenses are particularly suitable for photos of interiors. They make rooms look bigger. Take pictures in landscape format.

Both exterior views and rooms should always be captured from different angles.

To illuminate interiors appropriately, it is advisable to take photos in daylight and switch on various light sources.

To avoid blurred pictures in poor lighting conditions, you can, for example, place the camera on a chair and use the self-timer.

A good overview: the floor plan

Ideally, your ad also includes a floor plan of the apartment or house. With the advertisement as a PDF, prospective tenants can overview the room layout and layout of the apartment or house.

The rental price

One of the most important pieces of information about the apartment is the monthly rent. You should also coordinate these with your landlord in advance. If possible, break down these costs into cold rent and ancillary costs and indicate which deposit the landlord requires.

More information about the apartment

If you are looking for a suitable new tenant for your apartment, you must, of course, present it with all the important information. In addition to the rent, this also includes, for example, how well the apartment or house is in good shape and when the last cosmetic repairs were carried out. Besides, potential tenants are very interested in the apartment's features, such as the condition of the bathroom or whether there is a fitted kitchen in the apartment that can be taken over.

Ideally, you should coordinate this information with your landlord. You may want to install new flooring or renovate the bathroom after you move out. Also, clarify with your landlord whether pets are allowed and include this information in your property ad.

Data from the energy pass: Also, when looking for a new tenant

On May 1, 2014, an amendment to the Energy Saving Ordinance came into force. Since then, it has been mandatory to integrate certain data from the energy certificate into advertisements. In detail, these are:

The information as to whether it is an energy requirement certificate or an energy consumption certificate.

The value of the final energy demand or final energy consumption of the building is also mentioned in the energy certificate.

The main energy sources for heating the building (also from the energy pass).

The year of construction of the house.

The energy efficiency class if the energy certificate was issued after May 1, 2014.

Anyone offering a property is obliged to provide this information. Obtain the necessary information from your landlord. If you do not have the data, please note this in the description text.

When you have all the documents together, log into your free user account. This allows you to interrupt the ad recording at any time and save your ad in between - although it has not yet been published.

In the first part of the ad entry, you enter all general information about the property for which you are looking for a new tenant. This includes a short and concise heading as well as the property type. The latter determines whether you are looking for a new tenant for an apartment or an entire house.

Below you can enter the location of the building. If this is to be displayed in the ad, it is advisable to discuss this with the landlord beforehand. The same applies if you decide to give the landlord's contact details instead of yours. If you do not want to display any contact details in the synopsis, you can only contact us using a form.

Then the second step follows: Here, you can first enter the basic data of the offer. This includes rent, living space, and the number of rooms, and the year of construction. You also enter the data from the energy certificate here. You also tick the equipment and features of the property for which you are looking for a new tenant. You can also insert texts in the next tab and precisely describe the apartment or house, the location, and the room layout.


The best thing to do is to think about it and write a description of it during the preparation of your ad before you create and publish the ad. This will save you time. You can add attachments such as photos, documents, or YouTube videos in the third step. You have space for up to 99 pictures. The first of these is displayed as a list image.