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Week of Feb. 6-10

We are going to create a story using the software program photostory.  To access this program from our computers:

1. go to start (bottom of screen) and select Programs

2.  then click select "Photo Story 3 for Windows"

3.  You are asked to upload a photo first (start with the first photo at the beginning of your story and go in order)

4.  Then you add text (choose your font style, color, size- no bigger than 26!)

5.  At this point you are able to record your story.  Will will get the microphones later to do this step.

6.  Add sound next.  You won't have sound on every slide, but you can add sound to a few photos.  Go to Create Sound to choose from the library of sounds. 


Week of Jan. 23-26

Egypt webquest


Week of January 9, 2012 
Story Assignment (PS 1, LT1, 2, & 3) 

Create a story to entertain an audience of your choosing. You could choose to write it for an elementary school student, your friends, adults, or any other specific audience. When I evaluate your assignment, you need to be able to tell me what the audience is so I can assess whether your story is appropriate for your audience.

Please remember that even though your story is to entertain, it must be appropriate for school.

You may choose the method you display your story. In class, we have discussed Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. If you know how to use another method, such as PhotoStory, you may use that as well.

Your story must have a plot: Introduction (characters, setting, problem), rising action, conflict/climax, falling action, and conclusion/how problem was solved.

Include at least 8 specific tools or abilities that the program you choose is able to offer (animations, sound, photo-editing, layout, bullets, watermark, background, borders, fills, drawing tools, photo-manipulation, etc.). Please be prepared to identify these 10 specific tools when I evaluate you.

You have a lot of freedom in this assignment, so get creative and have fun!

Biography Powerpoint- You will create a powerpoint about yourself.  On the first slide, write "All About Me" as the title.  The subtitle should have your first and last name.  The next slide should introduce your family members.  Title it "My Family".  The second slide should include a bulleted list of your likes and a different type of bulleted list for your dislikes.  Title the slide "Likes and Dislikes".  On the last slide, list the most important thing you want people to know about your.  Title it "Most Important Thnig About Me".  Don't forget to include clip art, different color and styles of font!

11/14/11 IN: What do you know about powerpoint presentations?  Write your response in your INB

Creat a 2-slide presentation, selecting a theme of your choice.  Write "Clip Art" on the Title and your first and last name on the subtitle for the first slide.  On the second slide, choose a clip art to insert (NOT google images).  Desribe your clip art picture using font size bigger than 20.  Change the font color (not black) and use a font other than Times New Roman.

How To Assignment in Word (PS 2, LT1 & LT2)

Create a Word document to teach someone about something you are doing in one of your classes. You may choose any of your classes and any of the topics you have discussed in class.

Edit your How To document with the following requirements:

-Title be larger than size 20 font

-Set margins to 1" on all sides

-Include a list that has a non-traditional bullet system

-Include at least 1 shape, the boarder must be a different color than the fill color

-Include at least 1 Clip Art

-Include at least 1 picture

-Highlight the most important fact

-Use at least 1 color other than black at some point in your typing

All About Me Assignment (PS1, LT1 & LT2) 

PS 1 Generate ideas and create original works for personal and group expression using a variety of digital tools.

LT 1 Use a variety of digital tools (both software and online resources) for personal and group expression.

LT 2 Create teacher-directed products using a variety and combination of digital tools (both software and online resources).

Edit your All About Me to the following requirements:

-First and Last name centered with a font OTHER than Times New Roman and is bold and underlined

-Your name should be size 20 font, the rest of your text should be smaller than size 20

-Set margins to 1" on all sides

heart Include a list of likes and dislikes that has a non-traditional bullet system (ex: hearts, squares, rhombus, etc.) 

-Insert at least 1 shape, the border must be a different color than the fill color

-Include at least 1 Clip Art (NOT from google images)

-Include at least 1 picture (must be appropriate, from google images) 

-Highlight your favorite fact about you

-Use at least 1 color other than black at some point in your typing

-Discover 1 additional Word feature and write 1-2 sentences explaining it to me at the bottom of your document under the title: Look What I Can Do Mrs. Pena!

DON'T FORGET TO SAVE TO YOUR Z-DRIVE (under your student ID number)!!

Word Document:

Create a Word document titled All About Me. You may include any information you want to tell others about yourself. This may include likes, dislikes, activities you participate in, information about your family, background, or anything else you would like to share with your classmates. You may write a paragraph, bulleted list, include symbols, pictures, clipart, or use any other feature included in Word that you already know how to use. 

We will use this document to learn about the features in Word and it will be edited it along the way.