About Me

About Ms. Serghides

I have a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I loved learning about systems theories, behavior and helping people to improve the quality of their lives.  After working in Mental Health for a time as a Counselor, I realized that I enjoyed working with my children (student) clients the most.  I decided to pursue my teaching degree and I have never looked back.  My job is so rewarding!  I love helping children to read and learn new things.  The best part is to see their progress from beginning to end and to know that I have helped them to learn and grow!  

I try to create a positive learning environment where students feel accepted and bullying is not tolerated.  It's important to create meaningful lessons where connections can be made to other topics.  Intellectual curiosity, discussion, and researching topics students are passionate about help students to grow in their learning.  

Join me on this journey to learning and growing.  You will be surprised by how fast the year goes and how much your child will change by the years' end.