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Sept. 13, 2010 - Monday

* Students will begin reading short story “from An American Childhood” by Annie Dillard. (Prentice Hall Literature pg. 52-57)

*Students will write five sentences using quotation marks to represent someone speaking.  Students will capitalize the first word in the quotation marks.  Students will use a different vocabulary word in each sentence.     

Sept. 14, 2010 - Tuesday

*Students will write sentences using 16 vocabulary words from the short story "from An American Childhood" by Annie Dilliard.

*Students will continue reading the story "from An American Childhood" by Annie Dilliard.

Sept. 15, 2010 - Wednesday

*Students will complete sentences from short story "from American Childhood" page 58 (1-8).

Sept. 16, 2010 - Thursday

*Students will re-read short story "from American Childhood" in preparation for Friday's Test.

*Students will study weekly vocabulary words in preparation for Friday's Test.

Sept. 17, 2010 - Friday

*Studens will define next week's vocabulary words.


Mon. (9/20) Write sentences using vocabulary words

 Tues. (9/21) Read “Barrio Boy” and find vocabulary words

 Wed. (9/22) Find proper nouns in short story “Barrio Boy”

   Thurs. (9/23) Study Vocabulary Words.

Fri. (9/24) Handwriting Worksheet



 Mon (9/20) Write 5 sentences using the word progress

 Tues. (9/21) Workbook page 106 (1-5) Capitalization

 Wed. (9/22)  Summary of “Barrio Boy”

 Thurs. (9/23) Write a narrative using 8 voc. words

 Fri. (9/24) Workbook page  (1-4) Commonly Confused words



Monday –  9/27 Read “A Day’s Wait” and answer questions.Tuesday- 9/28 Locate vocabulary words in “A Day’s Wait”Wednesday – 9/29 Find 5 proper nouns around your home and write sentences.

Thursday – 9/30 Complete Study Guide and get signed by parents.

     Friday - Extra Credit Assignment

 BellringersMonday – 9/27  turn common nouns into proper nouns – (continent, president, teacher, park, city)Tuesday – 9/28 Holt Workbook pg. 12 Ex. A (1-4)Wednesday – 9/29 Action Verbs - Holt Workbook pg. 18 (1-10)Thursday – 9/30 Capitalization - Holt Workbook pg. 108 (1-5)Friday – 10/ 1 Capitalization – Holt Workbook pg. 108 (6-10)