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Candaulist Revelations of a Couple Part 1

Act I
Soon they went out together naturally and it did not surprise their loved ones as they spent so much time together. The years went by, and their boiling hormones did the rest, their first kisses, their first romantic weekend together camping them. naturally led to discovering each other a little more, and in fact, they even lived their "first time" together. In short, they never had the idea of ​​separating because there was such a "fusion" between them ... The studies ended, the years did not failed to separate them despite obvious opportunities on each side. Valérie being very in love and jealous that another could make him succumb, she deployed treasures of ingenuity to keep close to her the one she called "without any doubt the man of her life". Max was a normal boy, then, with "normal" impulses so far. Valérie fulfilled him in all emotional, love and sexual areas, she refused him nothing and on the contrary. We could even say that she demanded more than beyond measure, which was not to displease him ... Nevertheless , one day, Max told her something rather strange which disturbed her "you know I would understand if one day you wanted to try something else with someone else". Valerie at first believed that he wanted to leave her So she got angry and cried so much that Max could only apologize by explaining to her that he wasn't thinking of him but of her. Valerie confessed to her that she had never thought of cheating on him with another boy. And Max to reassure her that he was afraid that she would leave him too but that life could also surprise and give her desires… moreover and that he did not want to slow her down in things that she might regret a day. Valérie asked her if he had any ideas of cheating on her? Max reassured her and answered her that apart from in virtual fantasies he had no intentions of going elsewhere because he knew very well that Valérie fulfilled him in every way and that another would never give him so much pleasure and love. what. However, it took more to separate them and they took their first home together with the help of their respective families who had long approved their story. So much so that both of them had a life of "old couple" very early. in the evening after work as a married couple.They were respectively 24 years old for Valérie and 26 years old for Max. No shadows on the board of a life they planned together.
It had been about 3 years since they had moved in together that Max realized that another boy, Julien, had more or less "views" on Valérie. He was in the same law firm and often worked together on same files for their employer. He was a man of around 28 or 30 years old rather tall, light brown, quite well built and obviously "seductive" Valérie being quite shy and naive and certainly faithful saw nothing of the schemes of this boy who however knew perfectly well that they were in a relationship, she took him as a nice and pleasant work friend. Max could see to him that Valérie did not leave him insensitive when they met together for a friendly drink. But did not dare interpose between them,thinking that Valerie would never let him do it… Max watched him without giving him any suspicion of his doubts and left them to their work while having an eye of a deceptive sign from Valerie who never arrived.
One evening, Valérie announces to Max that Julien will be coming to dinner with them in a week because they had an important and complicated file to share and that they would be working late, so she asked Max if he would not mind it. seeing no problem, organized the dinner in question for the following Friday.
That night, Max had a funny dream, he imagined that Valérie and Julien were fucking together in a wild and bestial way, he imagined Valerie with a behavior other than the one he knew her, wild sexual vulgar slut and insatiable see nymphomaniac. He woke up in a sweat, with a formidable erection… Valerie was sleeping soundly next to him. Max wondered why he had dreamed of this and why it put him in this state.
He got up, went to cool off and went back to bed, but he couldn't get this scene out of his head and every time he was surprised to get excited about this situation. At the same time he felt stupid about it. scenario and at the same time we had to admit that it excited him more than anything else. He tried to banish his thoughts to go back to sleep by telling himself that it would pass with the night… but this dream acts like a trauma, because now he became recurrent… Being of a frank nature he wanted to talk about it with Valérie without really knowing how to approach it. Subject because he remembered their conversation a few years ago and worried about her reaction.
the more he got excited he no longer counted the number of times he had masturbated on these videos. He looked at his watch and noticed that the day had passed so quickly that it was already 4 pm and that Valérie was going to come home He hurried to take a shower and get dressed and prepare dinner. Valérie arrived while Max was in the stove, she kissed him and ran into the bedroom to change and take a shower. Max wondered after a while why he didn't hear the shower running he went to the bedroom and saw Valérie sitting on the bed with her computer that he had forgotten to turn off, Max turned pale because he had left in his rush for one or two pages on X videos he had watched during the day. Seeing him pale, Valérie with a smirk said to him, laughing:
Max embarrassed did not know what to answer he stammered incomprehensible words apologizing and confused.
Valérie closed the computer and approached him reassuring him:
"It's okay to worry you I'm not going to make a scene for you, everyone masturbates and gets excited from time to time on porn, it's okay even me you know… we won't hide it" And Max de answer: "how are you? aren't you mad then? "Valerie: uh no silly you think? that I also never do? what do you think? I'm not all white either. It happens to me too, except that unlike you I leave my mark, ”she laughs. Max: Do you watch porn too sometimes? Valérie (surprised by the question): well yes it happens to me when you're not there. Max didn't know what to say anymore he seemed hypnotized by Valérie he had the impression that he didn't really know her, he felt both relieved and worried about these answers because after the day of fantasizing about new things he seemed a little lost. Valérie, seeing that Max was not on her plate, said to her: "Do you want to talk about it?" , it doesn't bother me it's been a long time since we both spoke frankly "Max mechanically answered" yes I don't mind if you agree "Valérie proposed to let her take a shower and that 'later he will talk about it. Max nodded and when Valérie left for the shower he hastened to check what she had seen or read, and his fears became real when he noticed that the last pages consulted were blogs and videos on candaulism. .He might have to answer some questions ... and somehow he felt relieved that she saw his fantasies it would be easier to broach the subject with her.
Valérie got out of the shower, they settled into their sofa bed and Valérie attacked immediately. Don't worry my love I don't blame you for masturbating on things on the contrary I find it funny. Max: Ha good? funny? her: well yes now that we both know that we each do it in our own corner, we could be able to share this together. Without cheating? Max: yes I admit that it relieves me a lot to know that you are not angry, I admit that I did not do it a lot before but since last night I had a funny dream and I told you will admit that since then I have tried to understand why I had done it. Valerie: ha was this dream so special? Max: well yes anyway… it surprised me to have done it and so I was trying to understand why. She (smirk): And would you mind telling me what it was? Max, his nose in those socks, remained silent, she continued: Is it related to what I saw quickly? On your computer? Max without daring to look at her nodded. She: So you think I'm cuckolding you? Max immediately corrected: No I know not that you never did it and that you would not like. She: and so? what is the trip then? because I saw your research but I did not understand everything, it all spoke of a sexual practice but I did not have time to read everything (while saying that she had approached him and stroked him cheek “don't worry, I'll tell you nothing but you have to tell me.” Max: (still a little embarrassed, took a breath then started) well it started a few days ago I dreamed that you were with a other, that you fucked him and that you liked it. well it was just a dream because and what made you imagine that? Max: well I don't really know, maybe your closeness to Julien lately? I know it's stupid but I don't know why I'm imagining things I'm sorry…. Her: wait do you mean it was in your dream? me and julien? serious? Max (more and more annoyed): There… there you see you take it badly… (he starts to panic) I'm making films, it's true, it's a “weird” thing and I don't explain it, I know very well that it can't happen that you wouldn't. But here is what, him on the other hand he does not stop watching you… and not like just a friend from work, I am not blind, even if I trust you… well of him not too much, I think he is looking for you ... Valérie seems moved and pained: Well my baby you know that even if I got hit on by a handsome guy or whoever it is I won't do it let's see… Even if honestly he could seduce me I wouldn't do that to you and if you want we cancel the dinner with him and that I distance myself from him I don't want to lose you… I love you me you know… Max feels that all this sincerity seems to be going to his advantage and he feels confident and he seems ready to confess his fantasies to him .But Valérie takes it more quickly and asks him: Seriously? you dreamed of me with him I understand that you are completely upset… I'm sorry… Max bounces back admitting to him: The self is not for me to be sorry because the worst thing in all of this is that….
Valérie is in the dark, fantasies with men, she has had them like everyone else, but the love of her life fantasizes about an infidelity ... Everything is jostling in her head and seems a little lost. She goes to join Max in the room he is prostrate in the bed in a ball full of remorse. She joins him and gently snuggles up against him in a spoon. He turns around says: "sorry .. sorry I'm sorry" she consoles him and kisses him tenderly and she tells him very gently that she loves him that it is not serious. That we just have to digest this quiet. she said to him: If you want to explain to me, show me what you learned about this fantasy? we will try to understand together… will you? I won't hide from you that this is all exciting, but I don't want it to be unhealthy that's all. I also have fantasies like you but we never talked about it that's all, it may be time after all… show me a little if you don't mind? Max said shyly, catching his breath "okay but don't judge me badly eh?" »Valerie looks him in the eyes and says" I never love you too much for that "… they hug each other. And end up calming down. Max goes to take a shower and they had a quiet dinner. They made up their minds during the meal. to play the psychologist investigator on this fantasy to try to understand by going on the web… but together… What they did while going to bed together. Max showed everything he had found on the web on candaulism by trying to reassure himself about these practices by telling himself that between fantasy and reality there was a gap ... nevertheless Valérie seemed quite interested and diligent about the accounts of practitioners. candaulists trying to figure out what could be going on in their heads to live their love that way. And after a moment she asked the fateful question to Max: Do you think it would turn you on, you, to see me like these women with other men? Max: I don't know in fact to think about it it excites me seriously but seeing it in real life will scare me maybe… I will be lost between desire and jealousy…. 'excite.and a lot… And you haven't you told me about your fantasies? Valerie: Well, somewhere it indirectly approaches yours, I'm not telling you that sometimes I would not like to live in more libertine situations, with you at the start but that in the things I watch in porn, well it's not yours that I think of, but of the guys that I see. Max: and what are they doing? Valérie: well it's fucking Baby it's actors… (a little embarrassed) they have… big dicks, they fuck several, all that what… Max: and you would like it too ? Valérie: well as you say between desire and reality… I don't know if I'll be able to do what they do… but I have to admit that it must be super exciting to live that or to try… but I never told myself that I would, I didn't think you had these fantasies there. Max: and suddenly the scene restarted on the couple who were kissing happily and in the room a fairly strong black looked at them smiling… then the woman asks her husband if he is still ok? and for him to answer, go ahead… The husband goes to sit in a corner of the room while the woman walks all smiles towards the future lover and begins to kiss him greedily, the illegitimate couple embrace each other, caress and undress and begins to mate the black man very well member gets sucked, licked, and vice versa the woman lets herself go completely and during the penetration we feel that something is also happening in the eyes of the cuckold husband ... the woman looks him in the eyes, saying thank you my love for giving me this moment… .And the scene becomes harder, she sucks greedily until the enjoyment she takes fully in her mouth worth and looking at her Tuesday corner of the eye ... then completely erotic act she walks towards him letting go of her lover, her mouth certainly filled with sperm sits on her husband's knees and kisses him full on the mouth… end of the scene. Max, the finished film turns to Valérie who seems all red… and a little stunned by what she has just seen. Max: how are you? Valerie: wow indeed it's a thing er…. Very very hot eh… I have already seen X movies but it was more scripted. On the real side… it gives damn funny sensations. And you got that excited? Max: uh yes this one like others in the same genre. Valérie: Okay, well I can't say that I'm insensitive to the thing, especially the blow of the deep pipe it is quite exciting I knew that couples were libertines or stuff of the kind. But I had never said to myself that it could concern me. Max: well at the same time, I'm not asking you that… Valerie: I know but if it turns you on I tell myself that you can imagine me doing that a little. No (jokingly while laughing) you imagine me instead of the chick? Max laughing: well I saw you in a dream do it, right? Valerie; with julien? was I doing the same? Max; no I don't think I know too well but in any case you were not like dab, you were more… uh… Valérie: naughty that's it eh .. Max: yeah voila… even still a step above I think… in all case that got me seriously excited; I had a hard time getting these images out of my head… Valérie: well, I'm not ready to forget them either… (she laughs) Max: did you get excited? too? Valérie: The scene yes I admit after the context… of imagining myself in the place of the woman… the I can't say… for now… but seriously Max would you like to see me like that? Max: Yes maybe… even if I already really like what we are both going through… I don't know all that about waking things up in my house… And you show me what you like in fantasy I'm curious… Valérie grabs the computer and launches a video on a site. it shows two excessively well-hung men with a pretty petite and petite girl, the video is scripted but goes very quickly to the real subject. The young woman performs very "deep throats" blowjobs with disproportionate sexes then gets fucked in all directions, one of the men pounding her in doggy style, spreading her pussy in view of the dimensions of the sex while she gets pounded her mouth at the same time..The scene ends in a deluge of cum which she is busy swallowing completely looking at the camera in a lewd way. At the end of the video, Max looks at Valérie between amusement and astonishment… Valérie smiles while blushing a little Max: Ha yeah, so you like big sexes… Valérie: well yes even if with you it's okay .. I admit that it is. It also makes me fantasize especially the "deep throat" side is something that turns me on when I don't think I will ever be able to do that. Max: well with me you're already doing it ... Valérie: yes I know ... but hey with huge sexes ... and the side "slut of the girl" sometimes I often "caressed" thinking about it and imagining myself in his place. Max: Ha yeah… (he is jubilant and excited) but that's cool… what if we had the chance and I told you that you could… you would? Valérie: I don't know… I haven't thought about it yet, it was a fantasy until now, you have to give me time to digest this Max. But I admit that for the moment I just want to calm down the hormones and you will have to help me (she laughs and sits up and begins to undress by positioning herself astride a max ... Max: ha yeah really well at least this whole story will have awakened your libido ... you have no idea ... if I told you that I would like a big cock for me like that while you watch me? that I suck it to the end in front of you… will that turn you on? Max; well yes you would be able to? Valérie: I don't know in any case I would like to try, I admit that I have already thought about it for a long time, it is one of my fantasies, yes. Max: what kind of guy? Valérie: with a big cock in any case, besides, I often wonder when I get excited what one could feel with a very big
. even if with yours already it's good ... Max: in any case I'll be very curious to see that. Valerie seems all red and exhilarated and seems very decided to let go. Max finished undressing her and realizes by caressing her intimately that she seems very very excited. They make love that evening in a wilder way. Valérie seeming to let go more than usual by provoking Max by talking to her about porn scenes seen together… telling him that he could imagine her getting fucked in front of him. Max made love to him for a long time and several times, And Valerie to finish him with the same blowjob as in the video. with an oral ejaculation like never before. Max amazed at the change of sexuality of his bride. They fell asleep leaving the endorphins to act ...

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