Your notebook is 40% of your grade.  It is almost impossible to pass the class without doing it properly. This is how every page on your notebook should look:

  1. Work must be done in a 100 page composition book. I will not grade other types of notebooks. Students may buy a composition book from the store, may buy a compostion book from Fortune for $.50, or may come in during tutoring time to work 15 minutes to earn one. 
  2. Title of the page written out completely (For example, "Warm Up for Monday, September 13, 2010").
  3. Title of page highlighted.
  4. For warm ups, highlight answers. If calculations must be performed to get the answer, work must be SHOWN and boxed.
  5. Page numbered in bottom right hand corner for page fronts, bottom left hand corner for page backs.
  6. All papers that need to be attched to the page should be secured and trimmed to fit the page. I will not grade notebooks that have pages unattached or that have pages whose margins exceed the size of the notebook.
  7. Work should be neat and easy to read
  8. Page numbers MUST match the page numbers listed in the "Notebook Check Table of Contents". You can find this table of contents in two places:
    • In the classroom pocket charts
    • On the "Notebook Table of Contents" menu bar on this website