How you can help :-)

How you can help your child!
   There are many things that you can do to help your student excel in 8th grade: 
     One of the best things that you can do is to encourage your child to do their best and always try their hardest. I know that this sounds basic and simple but I have found that often these are the things that they have forotten in eighth grade.  Your child is extrmely bright and wonderful and I try to remind them of their great qualities daily.
     There are also many websites that can assist your student in their work, many of those are listed here:
  *Destination Math:
    * Accelarated Reader:
  * Released CST Questions (this is something that all students need to see and practice with as often as possible) English Language Arts:
Algebra 1:
Pre- Algebra
If you have any questions, please email, text or call me I would love to talk to you and help in assisting your student in any way that I can.