Hello Students and Parents

My name is Mr. Sgarbossa, and I teach Pre-Calculus at Rydell High.  It is my pleasure to be involved in your learning experience.   

Here is a list of the rules and procedures that I will hold in my classes:

  • I expect my students to keep a binder with loose leaf paper or a notebook with a folder specifically for my class.  This will allow the students to take notes and keep any handouts or worksheets that I give.  While I do not require homework to be done in pencil, all quizzes and exams must be done in pencil.
  • A graphing calculator is a requirement for my classes.  It is a necessity for this class in particular because we will be dealing a lot with functions and their graphs, and the best way to look at that is through a graphing calculator.  I would prefer that the students use a calculator between the TI-83 and the TI-84, because that is the style of calculator that I will use and can provide the most assistance with.
  • Homework assignments will be checked daily for completion.  Once to twice a week I will administer a homework quiz (which will be announced), in which I will take select problems from the homework assignments for the students to turn in as a homework grade.  These weekly quizzes will account for approximately 15 percent of the total grade.
  • Regular participation in class is vital to your child’s success.  Part of their grade in the class reflects participation.  This includes showing completed homework, involvement in discussions, asking meaningful questions, or even volunteering for various tasks, like erasing the board or handing out papers.  Participation accounts for 5 percent of the final grade.
  • I will have four tests in my class: one at the end of each quarter.  Each exam is worth 15 percent of the grade, so overall exams are worth 60 percent.  Each test will only cover material covered between each exam (they will not be cumulative).  At the end of the year, there will be a cumulative final worth 10 percent of the grade.
  • I encourage students to help each other and collaborate on homework assignments.  However, what they turn in must be their own original work.  Take-home tests and in-class tests and quizzes must be done individually, and any sort of collaboration (which in this instance is considered cheating) will not be tolerated and will result in no credit for the assignment.  Repeated instances of cheating will be taken up with the dean/principal, and will be subject to the school’s academic policy.
  • Be sure to check the school calendar for daily events, such as late arrivals, holidays, and other school functions.  Students missing due to excused absences (reported absence, field trips, etc.) will have opportunities to make up work, and are responsible for any material that they missed.  Unexcused absences do not merit makeup opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me to clarify any of these procedures.  My email is psgarbossa@rydellhigh.org.  I check my email often each day, and I check my office voicemail several times throughout the day.  My number is (630) 867-5309  Please contact me to let me know you got this letter.


Mr. Peter Sgarbossa