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Ms. Bruce & Ms. Golliner's

4th Grade Classroom

Weekly Updates

(Week of October 3rd)



This week your student will be working on the following skills:


                   Main Idea and Details; Charts; Compare and Contrast; Author's Purpose


Vocabulary Words:  REVIEW WEEK

Math:   Division: Speical Quotients; Using Multiplication Facts to Find Division Facts: 2, 3, 4, 5;

               Using Multiplication Facts to Find Division Facts: 6, 7, 8, 9; Recalling Division Facts

Writing:  Using People, Places and Things to Generate Story Ideas

                   Looking at What's on Them or Around Them to Gernerate Story Ideas

                   Using Many Strategies to Generate Story Ideas

                   Striving to be the BEST Partner Ever!

Science: Plant reproduction

                  Observation of radish plants

Spelling Words: drive; file; kite; wipe; pride; pry; shy;

                       prime; slight; climb; sly; sigh; fright;

                       inside; pies; die; spy; minding; twice;






We hope everyone has a great week and wonderful weekend!! smiley

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