Classroom Rules


Behavior Expectations & Discipline


In C-2, we follow classroom norms.  These are positive statements, in which unspoken rules are embedded in each norm.  The first week of school we talked about each norm and gave examples of what each norm would look like in the classroom.  Our classroom norms are as follows:

-We do Thank Yous             -We do Happiness    

-We do Real                           -We do Dreams

-We do I’m Sorrys                -We do Peace

-We do Praise                        -We do Growing

-We do Learning                   -We do Working Hard

-We do Mistakes                   -We do Friendships

-We do Laughter                   -We do Sharing

-We do Respect                     -We do Family


It is my goal to help your child develop not just academically, but as responsible citizens. Teamwork is a predominant theme in our classroom.  Students will complete many assignments in cooperative learning groups, and regular discussions will be held regarding the importance of working successfully with others in today’s world.  When behavior issues arise, students are asked to consider whether they are making wise choices.  In this way, they are encouraged to take responsibility for practicing their own good citizenship.


Our classroom will use a program called Capturing Kids Hearts.  This method focuses on building healthy, meaningful relationships.  The key is to build an atmosphere of trust.  When students do make mistakes, the goal is for the class to self-manage.  We have created a classroom social contract, which is an agreement of behavior for our classroom rules.  The students know that all choices have consequences.  A violation of the contract, will result in “student reflection time.”  A student may be asked to go to a buddy classroom to fill out a student reflection sheet for undesirable behavior.