Supply List


Kelly Elementary School provides our class with the basic supplies, however, your child will need additional supplies that the school does not provide. It is very important that students have these supplies in the first week of school and continue to refill if they run out. I will buy some of the supplies that our class need, but you must help me with the list below. This will help run our class and lessons very smoothly.

1 large folder “3 inch” 3 ring binder with pockets
7 tab dividers
3 spiral notebooks
1 backpack
1 pencil sharpener for big and small pencils (with a cover)
1 scissor
1 pack of glue sticks
1 pack of different colored pens
1 ream of copy paper (500 sheets)
1 box of tissue
1 box of baby wipes
l. 1 pack of color pencil (to keep at home to complete homework)
m. 1 pack of markers (to keep at home to complete homework)