Homework for Living Organisms 

8/23 Due on 8/30 at beginning of class

  1. What are two branches of life science?
  2. Ecology is the study of the way living things interact with their _______.
  3. What is specialization?
  4. Organisms use ____________ to store energy.
  5. Plants use the energy in ___________ to make food.
  6. What is the source of energy for most living things?
  7. Most chemical changes in living things cannot take place without ________.
  8. ____________ keeps conditions constant inside a living thing.
  9. List four things a living space must provide.
  10. What are life processes?
  11. Taking food in is called ____________.
  12. The moving of waste products and nutrients through an organism is called _______.
  13. What are the byproducts of cellular respiration?
  14. During cellular respiration, sugar molecules are _____________________.
  15. What is hibernation?
  16. A change that causes a response is a ____________________.

Memorize the parts of the animal and plant cells.


Be prepared for a quiz on this material Monday.