sept 20

Adult Education

Science Fall 2010

Teacher Stacy Graham


Life Changes Over Time


Define Evolution


Explain adaptations and mutations.


Why can most fossils in sedimentary rock not be seen unless the rock has been cut from the top to the bottom?


What does the fossil record show?


Why is the hors used to support the theory of evolution?


How is Lamarck’s theory of evolution different from Darwin’s theory of evolution?


What is natural selection?


What is extinction?


What is one reason that many offspring may not survive?


What are some reasons organisms become extinct?  Why?


Describe some of the ways humans have changed over time.


Adult Education

Science Fall 2010

Stacy Graham



  1. The science of classifying things is ________________.
  1. Why is taxonomy an ongoing science?
  1. What are two ways scientists classify organisms?
  1. List the seven classifications from largest to smallest
  1. How many classification groups do dogs and bears have in common?
  1. Name the five kingdoms.
  1. The cell of a ____________ does not have a real nucleus.
  1. Why are fungi and plants placed in separate kingdoms?

How does a virus differ from a living