October 18th

Adult Education Science

Fall 2010

Stacy Graham Teacher


Physical Sciences


What are scientific Skills?

  1. Key Terms:






  1. What are two measurement systems?
  1. What instrument is used to measure mass?
  1. What is the formula for finding volume?

Properties of Matter

  1. What are the two main branches of physical science?
  1. A person who works in only one area of a subject is a_______.
  1. What is matter?
  1. What are the two basic properties of matter?
  1. What is the difference between mass and weight?
  1. List the three states of matter
  1. What is plasma?
  1. What is a change of state?
  1. What causes condensation?
  1. What is sublimation?
  1. Water vapor changing to liquid water is an example of
  1. What happens to the particles of a liquid as the liquid evaporates?
  1. What is a physical change?
  1. How is a chemical change different from a physical change?
  1. Iron rusting is an example of a __________ change.
  1. Burning is an example of what?
  1. What are the four properties of matter?
  1. Freezing is the opposite of
 New substances are produced during a ________.