About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Sasha Hadad. My students can call me Mrs. Hadad. I have four beautiful children. My oldest is 20 and my youngest is 11 years old. Some things that I like to do is to be outdoor in the fresh air with my family and I love running. When my youngest son was two years old I felt the need to start school. At that time I began attending the community college near my home. I was also running my own Daycare center and preschool. After about one year I transferred to Brigham Young University to complete my Associates Degree. I then transferred to Grand Canyon University to attain my degree and credentials in Elementary Education. I then continued my schooling to get my Master’s Degree is Special Education. I realized I had a passion to work with Special Needs as soon as I started with Grand Canyon University.


My Philosophy

To love and respect my students for who they are as individuals. I will accomplish this by truly listening to them, being positive, and having fun with them. I will be teaching them to have integrity, respects, and kindness from the moment they step into my classroom. These three principles will be modeled on a daily basis. 


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