Classroom Rules & Expectations


1. Respect yourself and others.

2. Show integrity at all times, even when no one is looking.

3. Show kindness to others.

4. Always do and be your best.

I do expect my students to follow and obey the classroom rules. Again, I will use modeling to teach my students how to follow the rules. 



 Behavior Managment & Rewards

In my classroom I will have a color coded paper ladder with clips on it. My students will all start the day on green which is in the middle of the ladder that says “time to learn.” They will have opportunities during the day to move up to blue and then purple which would be super star student. If they move up to purple they get to pick from my treasure box. My treasure box will have dollar store stuff in it. Below the green is yellow, which is a warning. Then orange which is a time out to think about their actions. The student would need to talk with me privately about their actions after timeout. Finally red is the bottom and that would be a call home with a possibly detention or loss of a fun Friday activity. The consequence would depending on what my student did.


Monthly Calendar

Look for the monthly calendar that will be in their folders and colored in daily. The colors will coordinate with the ladder system I talked about above. Also, this will be an opportunity for me to document behaviors that I might be concerned about that happened on specific days. 


 Star Bucks

Student will earn star buck when they are caught following my rules above or if they land on purple at the end of the day. I will have a small store with different items they could buy with their money. I would only open the store every two weeks during recess or before school, so it did not take time away from their learning. This will help encourage good behavior and positive actions from my students.


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