Grading & Homework


Grading Policy

  • For each assignment I give out there will be a rubric for me to follow.
  • Testing will happen weekly, so I know if I need to expand or decrease my lesson plans. 
  • Testing will be done with various methods such as: multiple choice, collaboration exercises, morning journal writing, and projects.  
  • I will always keep in mind each students and their effort. 
  • I will always accept late work

Extra Credit 

  • Extra credit will be accepted and encouraged but it needs to show competency of a lesson that was taught. 
  • I will provide opportunities throughout the year to earn extra credit. 

 Grade Checks

  • At the end of each week I will send home a grade check form. It will be required for you and your child to record their grades, missing work, and then sign the bottom. 
  • If this is not done then your child will get their clip moved down. 


  • Homework will be sent home on Fridays so that your child has the weekend to get ahead if they need to. 
  • Homework will consist spelling, grammar worksheets, math worksheets, and 20 minutes of reading each night. 
  • Reading is required 7 days a week and needs to be recorded and signed by parents each night.
  • Math homework will be corrected daily, so I know what lessons I need to expand on.
  • Late homework is okay but students will be docked 5 points. 


*I understand busy families especially if you child participates in extracurricular activities. I will excuse your child if you send me a note or text explain why their homework was not completed. 


*There are no excuses for skipped daily reading assignments. Reading is critical and needs to be done every day! 



After the first month of school I will be holding after school tutoring for 45 minutes 3 times a week. The focus and students will be determined as I see what is needed most. If your child is asked to attend I will be sending home a note with details of the days and an explanation of why they were selected. The after school tutoring students will change throughout the year. Please do everything you can to allow your child to attend if they were selected. It will highly benefit their academic progress! 

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