About The Main Characters


Zoe is an eleven year old girl who has been through a lot. And I mean A LOT. Her mother was a crackhead who didn't care about her at all. Her mother didn't even bother to send her to school! Zoe was always left alone with whatever boyfriend her mother had picked up that week. Some of the guys just told her to do whatever she desired. She mostly read and wrote. She has the intelligence of a ninth grader when it came to language arts, but she hated and sucked at math. The other boyfriends her mother had tried forcing her to go to school. Zoe threw a fit and got into a fight with them. The guys didn't leave the match winning or without bite marks. Soon, her mother ended up in the hospital and died. Zoe could not be left alone so she was sent off to her uncle's house in Sugar Hill, North Carolina. His name was Henry Royster.

Henry Royster

Henry is Zoe's uncle. He is her father's brother. Henry is a former surgeon and a widower. Hs wife died years ago, and after that tragic incident, he became an artist. A metal sculptor to be precise. He creates art as a business and people from around the world come to his studio to buy his art. Henry has created several paintings of his deceased wife. After Zoe's mother dies, he decides to take full responsibility of Zoe, and brings her to his home in Sugar Hill, North Carolina. 


Fred is Henry's assisstant. He cooks, he cleans, and just helps Henry out. Fred is happily married to Bessie, his wife. He is one of Zoe's friends and they both have a special connection. Both Zoe and Fred love animals and are the only ones who believe a cat lives in Henry's yard. Henry simply refuses to believe so.