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Josh and Shannon present Dualism!
                                                                                                                                           possibly ft Michelle.

In Philosophy of mind, Dualism is the study of mind over matter, This study suggests that mental happenings are in some ways non-physical. The more famous theory of dualism was created to Rene Decartes, He states that the mind is non-physical. Descartes Origanaly defined the mind with consiousness and self-awareness and relised the difference between the mind and the brain.

The Strengths of Dualism

  • It allows people to experience how things feel, example tasting cheese.
  • Suggest that we all have our own unique identity.
  • Support religious views.

The Weaknesses of dualism

  • Complicated theory
  • Doesnt explain how we interact with physical and non-physical matter.
  • Doesnt take into context current scientific and medical knowledge.
  • Doesnt take into account

Josh and Shannon present Behaviorism!
                                                                                                                                                          possibly ft Michelle.

Behaviorism is a study of philosophy of psychology. The study is based on the theory that all that organisms do, think and act are behaviors and these behaviors determine the organism’s state of mind. Behaviorists believe that all we can ever know about the mind is put into our behaviors.

Positives of Behaviorism

  • A simple theory to apply
  • Scientific (Psychology)
  • Active outward evidence

 Negatives of Behaviorism

  • Ignors some states of the brain that cant be linked and shown in behavior
  • Relies on one action for one emotion