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 Welcome to my 4th Grade Classroom-

Hello everyone and Welcome to Fourth Grade! Get ready for a wonderful year of learning and fun!

About Me:

This is my second year teaching fourth grade here at Smith Elementary.  I am very honored to be a part of the team here at Smith Elementary.  I adore children and have always wanted to teach. It is truly an honor to work in such a wonderful atmosphere!

Educational Philosophy:

 I believe that education is one of the greatest gifts that you can offer a child and that every child has a gift to give back to this world. With that said I believe that as an educator it is my responsibility and privilege to provide an encouraging and positive learning environment for each and every student.


The history of the United States is the curriculum covered in social studies. The students begin learning about the Native Americans who first lived in North America. Next, the explorers come to the New World and we study them and their voyages. Once the Europeans arrive in the United States they create the Thirteen Colonies which is our third unit of study. When the colonists revolt we study this uprising known as the Revolutionary War. Finally we have become the United States of America, so we learn about the government created in our country. Our last two units of study are moving westward and the Civil War. 

In language arts we concentrate on improving the students reading and writing skills. Vocabulary, story questions, elements of a story, and story comprehension are the main skills we focus on in reading. We read a variety of short stories and novels throughout the school year. Students in 4th grade write all year long. They will write essays, reports, and creative stories. The students use the 5 stages of the writing process. Also we study grammar units to help students improve their writing.

In our math curriculum our main units are place value, subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, measurement, fractions, decimals, geometry, and statistics. We concentrate on "skill and drill" as well as problem solving.

Six main units comprise the 4th grade science curriculum: Matter, Weather, Solar System, Earth's Land Resources, Health, water cycle and simple machines/forces & motion. Each unit is covered for a 6-week period. Through a hands on learning approach, students learn major science concepts. The science process skills are stressed in every unit.

All in all fourth grade is a busy and productive year. We all look forward to great things happening in 4th grade!!

 Grading Policies:

All of my grading is done on a 100 points for all assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, groupwork, and homework.

  1. 90 – 100 indicates outstanding achievement or "A" work
  2. 80 – 89 indicates good achievement or "B" work
  3. 75 – 79 indicates average achievement or "C" work
  4. 70 – 74 indicates poor achievement or "D" work


Good attendance is extremely important and plays a vital role in your child's success in school, please see our school districts attendance policy, which is located in the Parent's handbook that was sent home last week.

Classroom and School Expectations:

The quality behavior standards that students will have to meet is:

  • Adhere to school / class rules and the School's Code of Conduct.

  • Show respect to teachers, visitors, staff, fellow students, and to one's self.

  • Show respect for differences in others and refrain from taunting and hurting the feelings of others in a disrespectful way.

  • Come to school and class on time and be prepared with homework and supplies in order to focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Come to school with a positive attitude and respect the learning of others.

  • Come to school to be the best and most productive person they can be.

  • Share with a teacher, parent, or other adult any concerns or problems that are school or bus related.  TOGETHER WE CAN HELP!


Spelling / Language Arts


Reading and Language Games

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