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Life Science B


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Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science PowerPoint

Current Event in Science 

Class Pets Permission Slip


THE CELL CYCLE  Chapter 3: Section 5 (page 95-102) in the LARGE Textbook

The Cell Cycle Cut & Paste Activity

The Cell Cycle and DNA PowerPoint Guided Notes

The Cell Cycle and DNA PowerPoint


GENETICS  Chapter 4: Sections 1-4 and Chapter 5: Sections 1-2 (page 110-155) in the LARGE Textbook

Genetics PowerPoint

Genetics PowerPoint Guided Notes

Meiosis & Protein Synthesis PowerPoint

Meiosis & Protein Synthesis PowerPoint Guided Notes


POPULATIONS & COMMUNITIES  Chapter 1: Sections 1-3 (page 16-38) in the small Textbook

Populations & Communities PowerPoint

Animals of Yellowstone Google Slide Show Requirements & Rubric


ECOSYSTEMS & BIOMES  Chapter 2: Sections 1-5 (page 44-78) in the small Textbook

Chapter 2 Section 1 Book Work 

Ecosystems PowerPoint

Biomes Ice, Tundra, Boreal & Deciduous PowerPoint

Biomes Rain Forest, Grassland, & Desert PowerPoint

Water Biomes PowerPoint

Unit 2 Test Study Guide


THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD  Chapter 1: Sections 1-2 (page 6-18) in the LARGE Textbook

Simpsons Variables

Bubble Gum Lab

Scientific Method in Action Worksheet

Why We Study Science? PowerPoint

Scientific Method PowerPoint

Scientific Method PowerPoint Guided Notes 

What is Science? Worksheet

Scientific Inquiry Worksheet  

Oreo Lab



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