Hello, I am Mrs.Glynn and I will be teaching your children this year. I have created this website so that if

there are any questions or concerns you are able contact me immediately. This website will provide

you the opportunity to be updated on your child's progress throughout the year, and allow you to see homework

assignments, and access academic links to which your children can and are encouraged to visit.  You will also

be updated on fieldtrips, parent teacher interviews and student related activities.

Field Trip Permission 

     We wish to make your child’s education as valuable as possible. Therefore we are planning a field trip to view Niagara

Falls, as well as the CN-Tower on Friday, April 30th , 2010 and are asking for your cooperation and permission to do so.

The cost is $10 per student, including the bus ride. We will be departing from the school at 9:00am and will return

approximately 5:00pm. Students are asked to bring a lunch as well as a healthy snack and to dress appropriately. Please

complete the permission form sent home with your child.Sincerely,

Mrs. Glynn

Take home reading! 

     This year your child will be taking home a book to read every evening at his or her level except on weekends. 

These books belong to the school and it is very important that your child return the book to school every day so

that a new book can be chosen.  If your child damages or loses a book, a $5.00 fee will be charged.  Your child

is responsible to record the title of the book read, give the book a rating using the feelings faces,  Smile Undecided Frown, and

a parents’ initial is also required beside each entry. I have also provided a list of several activities to be done

with your child after each reading.  For homework, I encourage your child to pick one activity a week to be

completed at the back of the book which I will mark. 

Activity #1  Making Predictions

Look at the title and the pictures on the front cover.What do you think the story is about?Read the book.  Were your predictions right? 

Activity #2 Character Study

 Read the book.Who is telling the story?Write about or draw a picture of a main character? 

Activity #3  Book Reviewer
Read the book.Tell someone or write about which part of the story was your favourite and why.Would you recommend this book? 
Activity #4  Word Detective
Read the book.  Be a word detective!Find and tell someone or write all the nouns, adjectives or compound words that you have found. 
Activity #5  Location, Location
Read the book.  Think about the setting (where the story takes place).Tell someone or write about how it is the same or different from where you live.You may choose to draw a picture of the setting. 
Activity #6  Book Detective
Read the book.  Track down the main idea.Tell someone or write about who the story is about, where the story takes place and what happens in the story. 
Activity #7  Storyteller
Read the book. Be a storyteller.Retell the story in your own words.  You may choose to also draw a picture of the main events that occur in the beginning, middle and end.