These are specific spelling activities that should be done weekly by students to help prepare them for their weekly

spelling tests. I will be posting the students spelling words, for a two week period, and assigning dfferent tasks each

week pertaining to the activity list below:

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Spelling Activities 

Activity 1:  Write each spelling word out three times. 

Activity 2:  Missing Vowels; print each list word with no vowels.  Make a line where each vowel used to be.  Go back and put in the vowel with a pencil crayon or crayon. 

Activity 3:  Word Pyramid:  use each list word to build a pyramid.  Print the first letter of the word at the top.  Print the first and second letters under this.  Add one more letter each time until you have used all the letters to spell the word.  Draw a line around your pyramid. 

Activity 4:  Alphabet Al; put your list words in ABC order.  Look at the first letter of each word.  Start with the word that is closer to the beginning of the alphabet. 

Activity 5:  Word Pictures; draw a picture of each list word and write the word underneath the picture. 

Activity 6:  Silly Sentences; use each list word in a sentence.  You can use two or three words in one sentence.  It can be a silly sentence.  Use at least five words in a sentence. 

Activity 7:  Word Shapes; copy down the list word and draw around each list word to show it’s shape.  Remember to go around the tall letters and down and around the letter with tails. 

Activity 8:  Better Letters; use your best printing and print each list word in fancy letters. 

Activity 9:  Stick Together; choose list five words.  Print the word with no space between them.  Draw a line between each word to show where they begin.  Use the other five words from your list to do it again. 

Activity 10:  Handy Words; trace around each hand and print a list word in each finger.

Activity 11:  T.V. Words; draw a T.V. or computer screen.  Print each list word inside the T.V. or computer screen.  Read the words you have printed. 

Activity 12:  Rainbow Words; make words with the colours of the rainbow.  Print each list word using a different colour pencil or crayon to print each letter. 

Activity 13:  Sort By Vowel; print the vowels a, e, i, o, u across your page.  Look at the first vowel in each list word and print the list word under this vowel. 

Activity 14:  Vowel or Consonant; look at each word.  Does it begin with a vowel or consonant?  Write down the headings Vowel and Consonant on your page and sort each word under the proper heading.





Spelling Words and Homework Apr 23 - May 6

Spelling homework is due every Friday.  Every Friday a spelling test will be given on the words given

to students on Monday.  If there is a holiday on Friday, the spelling test will be held on Thursday.

The spelling activities for the week of (Apr. 23 – Apr. 29 ) are #1 and #2 and the words are:

  1. habitat
  2. fur
  3. covering
  4. house
  5. nest
  6. cave
  7. den
  8. egg
  9. shell
  10. lungs

Bonus:  abdomen

The spelling activities for the week of (Apr. 29 – May 6) are #3 and #4 and the words are:

  1. hour
  2. half-hour
  3. quarter-hour
  4. minutes
  5. seconds
  6. clock
  7. time
  8. calendar
  9. seasons
  10. digital

Bonus:  analogue

    shim shim