Classroom Policies & Procedures

Homework- Homework assignment sheets will be given out every Monday. Students will complete each assignment and submit it to the homework station upon arrival. Homework will be collected from the homework station after lunch. If your student has forgotten their homework the weekly assignment sheet and any additional worksheets will be posted in the Homework tab. 


Extra Credit- Extra credit will not be given out as there is not a place to input it into Powerschool. Makeup work will be accepted no later than a calendar week from the assignments original due date. If your student has missed work due to absence they will have extra time to complete and submit assignments. 


Tardiness- Parents I need your help getting students to school on time daily. Every minute counts! Instruction begins upon arrival. 


Grades- Grades will be input into Powerschool weekly. Parents will be given login information at the beginning of the school year to create a username and password to check students grades at any time. If you already have an existing account students can be added to ensure that all students in the same household are listed under one account. If you have a concern with your students grade feel free to contact me. My office hours and methods of contact are listed under the Contact Me tab.