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Welcome back to school! I am so excited to meet all of your children and to get this year started. My  name is Miss. Shannon Zaruba and I am one of the three third grade teachers here at Lincoln Elementary. I have been teaching for four years now and love everything about my job and the children I teach. I graduated from Benedictine University in 2009 and am currently taking classes at Depaul University for my masters degree.

      Third grade is a very important year for your children, but also very exciting. Student's will be learning their multiplication facts, writing thier own stories, and reading chapter books. Students will receive homework each night, and turn it in the following morning. This homework is used as extra practice for the students. If the students return the homework the next morning, they are given a sticker. The stickers will be added up and each time they receive four, they will be rewarded from the treasure box. I find that homework is very important to the learning process because it renforces what was taught and gives the students extra time to practice the applications.  Third grade is a year of many different projects. I have spread these projects out evenly across the school year and will be sending the project description and rubric home two weeks prior to the due date.

    I am available through e-mail, telephone, and conferences. Feel free to contact me whenever you need to, but remember that I can only respond, take calls, and meet with you before and after school hours. I look forward to this upcoming year with your students.


Miss. Shannon Zaruba

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Phone # 630-917-1052