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First, the engine must be turned off and the hood opened. On the camper's battery, the positive cable will need to be removed. This can be done with a wrench.

Secondly, a location for the new battery must be chosen. A convenient and safe location in most Rvs is the floor of an interior closet. Once a location is decided, the battery boxes will need to be best arranged and mounted. All the drill Light clamps mounting tabs should be drilled through into the RV floor. A second hole will need to be drilled adjacent to a battery box in order to accommodate the battery cable. Protection to the cable can be achieved by pushing a rubber grommet in the hole. Mounting bolts should be included in the kit and will need to be pushed through both the mounting tabs and the holes in the floor. They can be tightened with a wrench. The isolator switch will also need to mounted next to the battery boxes with self-tapping screws that run through the mounting tabs. The switch's grounding wire also needs to be attached to the chassis.

Next, wire the grounding system by placing the ground terminal's negative cable to the ground terminal of the second. One of these clamps can be tightened with a wrench. A short, black cable can be found on the battery's loose ground clamp and should Rubber clamps be run to the floor. The ground strap should be secured to the battery clamp. A self- tapping screw should be used to attach the loose eyelet from the other end of the chassis. Then, the chassis can be screwed through the floor of the RV.