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Teaching Philosophy

    The 7th and 8th grades are exciting ages to teach!  Students in this season of life are truly beginning to find their place in the world, and are trying to define who they are.  Therefore, I consider it my responsibility to not only impart academic knowledge to them, and to challenge their intellectual capacity, but to also nurture and solidify character traits such as integrity, work-ethic, passion for setting goals and reaching them, compassion and other-centeredness, and, most importantly, an underlying foundation of faith in God.
    If my students can finish the year having learned how to believe in themselves, reach for their very best, give to others, and not do things only for the point value, but for the intrinsic reward itself, I will have considered the year a success.  I believe education should have an emphasis on good communication skills, on responsibility, and for thinking more deeply and creatively, for these are the three things that ultimately are the key to success in a career someday.  The absorbing of scientific facts and mathematical principals can always fall into place, but if a person does not know how to communicate and express oneself at length and in depth, both verbally and in written form, or if a person cannot think outside the box, or is not responsible for getting the job done right, no amount of science or math or academic prowess will make the cut when moving up in the career world someday.  Therefore, I intend to weave good communication skills, critical thinking, and responsibility throughout every subject presented them.
    I consider it a privilege to teach your child, and I am honored you would allow me to be a part of their lives this year.  It is my sincere intention to make the most of every day with them, and to partner with you in bringing out the very best in them. 


Get 2 Months for $5!