VU Crew Homework

Due Monday: Math Challenge

Students will receive an individually-selected mathematics worksheet which correspond to skills demonstrated on monthly math inventory tests. With the guidance of an adult, students should complete all directions on the worksheet. Additionally, at least 5 other problems should be included on the back of the worksheet. These may come from a variety of sources and include math skills which need continued practice or are newly-acquired.

Due Tuesday: Spelling Test and Extra Practice (S.T.E.P.)

Students should study for their weekly spelling test, based upon the unit list that is sent home on Wednesdays. Additionally, one of nine revolving homework assignments should be completed using each word on the spelling list. Assignments corresponding to each numbered spelling unit are taped inside each student's homework folder.

Due Wednesday: Write On!

Students have their choice of four possibly writing assignments: Current Events, V.I.P.s, Kid Critics, or Picture This! Details of these are included in the VUtopia packet given to each family at the start of the school year. Writing should be student's own. Age- and ability-appropriate spelling, sentence structure, and mechanics are anticipated. Each Write On! should include an accompanying illustration of other picture or graphic.

Due Thursday: Book Projects

Each Thursday, students will present one recently-read book to their classmates in a project format of their choosing. Students should bring both project and book to class to share.

Due Friday: Reading Counts Test

By Friday of each week, students will need to take one Reading Counts test. Students are expected to read the computerized test independently and answer 10 multiple-choice questions about the book read. A complete listing of the tests available at Venice Elementary School can be found on the school's website at

Additionally, when Rendez-VUs begin in September, students will need to be prepared for their business ventures on Fridays. More details about this will be sent home shortly.