Year Overview

1st Quarter -- "The VUniverse!"

Language Arts: Beginning journal writing, grammar review, nouns and verbs, reading diagnostics and appropriate planning for each student, introduction to novels

Math: Money, time

Science & Social Studies: Team-building, brains and talents, earth and space science

2nd Quarter -- "The VU.S.A.!"

Language Arts: Independent journal writing, advanced grammar, adjectives, reading progression, informational reading

Math: Data collection, graphs, fractions

Science & Social Studies: Scientific method & science fair, elections and voting

3rd Quarter -- "The VU Zoo!"

Language Arts: Paragraph writing, complex sentence structure, conjunctions, advanced vocabulary choices, nonfiction reading

Math: Measurement, geometry

Science & Social Studies: Zoology

4th Quarter -- "AVUsement Park!"

Language Arts: Figurative language, advanced parts of speech, dramatic presentations, independently fluent writing and reading

Math: +, -, x, / algorithms, 0-18 math fact mastery, year-end review

Science & Social Studies: Physics