Vocabulary Homework

VOCABULARY HOMEWORK CHOICE BOARD First Night's Homework (REQUIRED): Using the definitions provided, complete the fill in the blank sheet. For each other night when vocabulary homework is required, you may choose from the menu below. You may choose each item only one time each week. 

Use any resourceavailable at home to findother words that havethe same prefix, suffix, or root word as the vocabulary words. 

Cut pictures or words from old magazines or newspapers that represent the meaning of the vocabulary words.


Write the definitions of the vocabulary words artistically.

 Draw & color picturesthat represent themeaning of the vocabulary words.   Write the vocabularywords and definitions on flash cards and trade with a friend.   Write the word and definition of the vocabulary words in

your best cursive.

 Use each vocabularyword in a sentence thatyou have not alreadyused.    Tell a friend or relativethe definitions of thevocabulary words andhave them write a notestating that you told


 Create a short storyusing all the vocabulary