About Your Teacher


My name is Ms. Shaw.  This year I will be teaching Spanish I and III, and a section of Freshman Seminar.  I will tell you a little bit about myself and look forward to getting to know each of you as the semester progresses.  I am from West Chester, Pennsylvania.  I graduated with a BA in Spanish from Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida. During this time I was able to do a lot of traveling but I spent significant amounts of time in China, Spain, and Puerto Rico, where I studied the language and culture of each (I did not retain much Chinese). After college I moved to Costa Rica and taught English as a foriegn language for three and a half years.  It was there I realized that I wanted to become a teacher.  I decided to enroll in a graduate program in education at Saint Joseph's University and study to become a Spanish teacher.  I still remain very connected to Costa Rica and return often with my two year old son.  From there I have had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Panama.  Each place I visit is unique and I discover something new with every adventure.  I hope to share some of this with you and instill in you the curiosity to explore on your own. Learning another langauge will give you the tools to do so.  Language is a beautiful thing!  ¡Hasta pronto!