Supply List

Students need to have these items by the end of the first week of school. Some items will remain in the classroom:

  1. 2 highlighters (yellow, orange, light green and pink ONLY)
  2. 1 Five-subject spiral notebook (remains in the classroom)
  3. 1 Compostion Notebook (remains in the classroom/lab)
  4. 1 set of earphones (student should have in backpack everyday)
  5. 1 USB flashdrive (student should have in backpack everyday)

The following items are not mandatory, but are a good idea:

  1. Homework folder (for back & forth to and from home)
  2. Small pencil sharpener to keep in backpack


If you could donate any item on this list to help out with classroom supplies it will be extremely appreciated! Thank you in advance!

1. Boxes of tissue

2. Hand Sanitizer (pump kind)

3. Dry erase board cleaner

4. Construction paper (81/2 X 11) multi-color

5. Anti-bacterial wipes (to clean desks)

6. Computer paper