Grading Policies

Dear Parents:

If a student is absent I ask that you please make sure he/she checks my website to find out what was missed that day at school. The website will be updated daily. Absent students should also call a reliable classmate to find out specifically what he/she missed as the specifics for each class do vary at times. Feel free to check the website, but do not rely on it solely. Students are responsible for asking the teacher for the materials they need upon returning to school and checking the in-class work calendar. It is the students responsibility to do this promptly when returning to school as they will have two days per day missed to make up work.

Students are responsible for completing ALL classroom and make-up assignments within the perimeters of the time alloted. When students do not complete the work they are not practicing the information necessary for mastery, and are unprepared for further study and classroom activities. I do not accept late work, so please work out a system at home for ensuring that the work makes it into the backpack and to school. Your cooperation is necessary and appreciated.

The different types of assignmens are broken down into the following categories and are also weighted as follows:

Classwork 20%

Participation 10%

Quiz    15%

Tests/Projects 30% 

Lab 25%