Spelling Contract

Spelling Contract

Monday's assignment is to write each word 5 times.  On Tuesday, you will pick one activity from the list for homework. 

There will be a Spelling practice test on Wednesday.  If you do not make 100% on the practice test, you must write the missed words 10 times each, and pick a contract assignment for Thursday's assignment . 

If you DO make 100% on Wednesday's practice test, your Spelling homework for the week is FINISHED!! 

There will be a final test each Friday for those students who did not make 100% on the practice test.

Contract Activity List:

*  sort your list words by the number of syllables.

*Pyramid Writing

*Write words in ABC order.

*I SPY words

*Write all your words in 10 silly sentences.  Underline the Spelling word.

*Write your words in order from shortest to longest.

*Write your words as many times as there are syllables in the word.

*Rainbow Writing:  Write each word in a different color.