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Corporate Culture

Enterprise spirit:
Harmony after our Practice.
Better Future after our Foresight.

Enterprise philosophy:
Honesty First, Customer First, Creative First.

Enterprise target:
The quality is the soul of the service, Jepar is developing new product continuously and challenging the future, seizing
business opportunities, strengthen the domestic market, complete the foreign market.

Enterprise purpose:
Create maximum value of cargo movement for customers.
Create maximum value of survival for enterprise.
Create maximum value of life for staffs.



Pop Clips,Fruit Display Stand,Shopping Basket and so can get more information by clicking on the link below

Our Team

Hangzhou Jepar’s Team Mainly consists of six parts which are HR , Inspection , Sales ,Production , Development and Finance
We all highly focus on the Venture,creative,innovation Corporation’s cultures. With Many years effort, we have been growed an
experienced exporters for pop/pos products in china. For the sales teamwe all do our to meet client’s requirement about the
price , quality and service. For the Inspection team
we devote to going through serval checks to ensure the products. We strongly believe we can make everthing ture through our
creataion , patient and perseverance. Just join us and let us make a brighter future together.

Have Fun!
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Get 2 Months for $5!