Shellae's Technological World

Welcome to our technology class.  We will now begin creating our own teacher websites for our students and parents to use.  Be sure to make all pages clear, concise, and informative.  The criteria for the site is listed below.  Good luck! Wink



(50 pts total)


1.  1.  Welcome Page with contact information included

2.  2.  Class Rules

3.  3. Class Content, homework, practice applications, etc.

4.  4. Calendar – either school or class

5.  5.  Helpful internet links

6.  6.  Class/School news

7.  7 Easy links to all content of the website


·      You do not have to create a separate page for each part but if you combine information, be sure that it goes together.  Remember that you do not want the reader to have to hunt through the pages to find what he/she is looking for.


·    Be sure to add Titles, varying fonts, and graphics/animations but do not overdo it or it will take away from the content of the page.