Ms Wood 2nd Grade Westview

Wood's Weekly News

March 26 - 30

Upcoming Events:                               Please look forward to receiving STAR Math and Star Reading test reports 

 Report Cards conferences this week                                                                           Weekly Genre: Poetry                                              

              Reading Strategy: Comprehension                                                                Comprehension Strategy: making predictions

              Vocabulary Strategy: Mutiple Meaning Words                                              Writing Trait:  voice

             Grammar: Possessive Nouns/pronoun verb agreement                           Math focus: Decomposing and combining numbers 

             Mechanics: Apostrophes with Possessive Nouns                                             Reading Genre: Expository Text              

              Phonics skills: ed, th, thr, br, ch, th,                                                                    Science:     Weather/Recycle


Spelling Words dead, ahead, lead, bread, thread, breath, touch, trouble, gym, myth

Bonus: small, chalk, instead, whole, words

                                          Welcome back and Happy Spring!










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