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Daily Schedule

Daily Specials Schedule

Media Center or Guidance
Library books are due back on Monday. 
Tuesday PE
Wednesday Art
Thursday Music
Friday Fun Friday!

8:10-8:40     Flexible Reading Groups
8:40-9:10     Title One
9:15-10:25   Math
10:30-11:05  Lunch
11:05-11:25  S.S.R
11:30-12:05 Specials (See above for schedule)
12:15-12:45 Recess - Except on Tuesday. Tuesday we have Science at this time.
12:45-1:00  Word Work  (Tues-Fri)
1:00-1:30    Whole Group Reading
1:30-1:55    Writing
1:55-2:25    Computer Lab (M-W-F)
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