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Mrs. Michelle F. A. Jefferson

Mob # (256) 665-3798


  • To do the utmost best at what God has called me to do do.


  • Sex                             Female
  • Age                            20
  • Date of Birth           10/08/1990
  • Marital status          Married
  • Current Profession    Student
  • School                   Oakwood University
  • Major                     Mathematics Education


      I believe that the greatest thing one person can do for another is to teach them. Whether it be about the Bible, Mathematics or even life, I feel as though a lesson learned is the most important thing because this, unlike a physical gift, they can keep with them forever. I believe in the old sayin that if you teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime because it is true. I can hardly remeber any of the toys or trinkets I received when I was younger, but I remeber all to clearly the lessons that I learned. Thus, I want to teach because teachers have the ablilty to change lives for the better and teach lessons that last forever.

My Teacher's Creed:

I believe that teaching is a gift from God and as a teacher I am called by God to not only teach, but to serve my students.

I believe that I should always increase in the knowledge of my subject and develop in my teaching techniques.

I believe that I must hold high yet appropriate expectations for each and every student that walks into my classroom and communicate my expectations to them clearly.

I believe that each student is different and students should be taught in a manner that takes into consideration their differences.

I believe that every student has the ability to learn and use their individual gifts.

I believe that correct principles and right attitudes need to be engrained into students by proper nurturing so that they can continue right behavior even when the teacher is not present.

I believe that it is my responsibility to construct a learning atmosphere conducive to the highest achievement academically, socially, and spiritually.

I believe that each student should have the opportunity to express him or herself in a loving manner.

I believe that it is my duty to awaken a love for learning in the students’ minds.

I believe that the classroom is the place that prepares students for service in their communities and the world.

I believe that the classroom is a place of learning and not a disciplinary detention center.

I believe that grades are to be a reflection of my students’ efforts and work completed, not what I think of them.

I believe that being a part of the school system means that I must work in harmony with school authorities and other teachers of the school.

I believe that it is my responsibility to be an example that students can emulate.

I believe that teaching is one of the biggest jobs; we are the keepers of the future, even though we hold the smallest hands.

By: Michelle Jefferson