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Children really are the leaders of tomorrow

What does this mean?

This means that education is extremely important because it produces these future leaders. As teachers it is our duty to ensure that the students are equipped with the necessary tools for them to grow.


Here’s a message about the future

       Education is more than just classrooms filled with students and teachers lecturing about a topic. Education is the process of loving, nurturing and learning. Surprisingly, in many classrooms this does not take place. Oftentimes you see a teacher who comes to work and just lectures ensuring that he or she receives a paycheck. Usually there is not much care shown toward the students. On the other side, you have the students who come to class because they have to and there is no true love of learning. On either side this should not be. Something needs to change to ensure that education truly manifests its meaning.

       As teachers it is our job to ensure that we are doing our utmost best to give all we can to these students. We have to do this for ourselves, our students and our future. Can you imagine a world full of uneducated leaders? How would you feel knowing that you helped to produce such a world? Teaching is one of the most improtant jobs for this reason and thus we need to do our part in paving the way for students to do their part. You need to have a love for your job to really do this job. A wise man once said if you have not been called do not volunteer. This goes for teachers as well. You have to love to do it to do your best. To all my teachers, lets take this to the next level. 


Try showing that you actually love the subject you are teaching.

You could make you lessons fun and creative so that your students can be interested themselves.

Show your students that you really love them and care about them!!!!