What I am passionate about




 I am passionate about math - but I am even more passionate about helping others learn the it. I want to imporve the quality of the instruction given to the student. Most often you hear students talk about hating math and only doing the subject because they have to. Well, I want to help change that way of thinking in students minds and create a love for the subject. I want the students to understand why the different areas of arithmatic are necessary. Ever since I was young I have loved this subject because to me it makes the most sense. I gives the opportunity to explore new ideas and even create you own. It also ties into all of the other subjects allowing one to connect everything and gain a deeper understanding of how every subjecty works. Math opens up a pathway to new understanding that is far reaching and can continue on forever.

Math is the most widely used subject in the world. Every career uses some sort of math. More importantly, doing math helps the mind to reason and organize complicated situations or problems into clear, simple, and logical steps. Most students believe that after high school they are done with mathematics. Unfortunately, realization soon kicks in when they are on their career field and the things that they should have learned come up. I do not want this to happen to anyone especially not the students that I have to teach. Thus, I have made it my duty to ensure that my students develop a math background and even grow to fall in love with mathematics itself.