Sherry Tokkesdal

3rd Grade with Mrs. Tokkesdal!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!  What an exciting opportunity to get to know you this year.  There are often many questions running through family and students' minds both as the school year begins and as it progresses.  This website is to help answer those questions!

Expectations for Manners:

1. Civility

a. The use of coarse or vulgar language will not be tolerated.

b. Students must raise their hands to speak, unless in an open discussion period.

c. Students should avoid interruptions.

1. Do not walk between two people who are talking.

2. Be quiet in hallways when there are classes in session.

3. Wait for acknowledgement before speaking to those who are in a discussion.

2. Formality

a. Students address teachers formally (Mr., Ms., Dr.)

b. Students knock to be admitted to class when late.

c. Students follow the uniform code.

d. Students’ clothing must be neat and clean.

e. Students maintain standards of personal hygiene.

f. Students’ shirts must be tucked in (unless wearing a banded bottom shirt).

3. Charity

a. Courtesy is expected of Nova students.

1. Hold doors.

2. Help others with burdens.

3. Show care and attention to the needs of younger students.