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Math Unit 7


Study Guide

Unit 7: Weight



Chapter 1- Examples of test questions:

  • Strictly speaking, the kilogram is a unit of mass (a measure of the amount of matter in the object), not of weight ( a measure of the force of gravity on an object).  However, since we use the term weight in daily speech when weighing things, it will be used here.
    • A quart (or liter) of water weighs about 1 kg.
    • Four hundred pennies weigh about 1 kg.
    • Two regular paper clips weigh about 1 gram.
    • The unit cube in some base-10 sets weighs 1 gram.
    • A teaspoon of water weighs 5 grams.
    • A kilogram weighs 2.2 pounds, that is, a bit over two pounds.  A good estimate when given the weight of a person in kilograms, for someone used to pounds, is to double that weight.  A child who weighs 30 kilograms, would weigh about 60 pounds.
  • 4 kg 78 g = _____ g
  • 2 kg 2 g = _____ g
  • 8731 g = ____ kg ___ g
  • Arrange in order from lightest to heaviest and heaviest to lightest:
    • 8731 g            7 kg 92 g               6 kg 821 g               3 kg  
  • A scale is drawn with items on top.  If the scale is broken into quarters like a clock face:
    • 0 is at noon
    • 1 kg would be at 3
    • 2 kg would be at 6
    • 3 kg would be at 9
    • 4 kg would also be at noon
    • between the numbers is a slightly longer line that represents half way
    • Smaller lines represent individual kg
  • An item is on the scale.  The mark is two lines past the 3 kg mark.  What is the weight of the item?
  • Two scales side by side.  The weight of an apple is shown.  The other scale shows the weight of the apple with a banana.  Find the weight of the banana.
  • Two items are labeled with weights: 4 kg 78 g and 9 kg 821 g.  What is the total weight of the two parcels?
    • What is the difference in weight between the two parcels?
  • Bag A weighs 8 kg 431 g.  It weighs 84 g less than Bag B.  What is the weight of Bag B in grams?
  • Nicolas weighed the box at 52 kg 204g.  He put in a few more items and the box now weighs 58 kg.  How much weight did he add into the box?  ______ kg ____ g


Chapter 2- Examples of test questions:

  • Chapter 2 focuses on Word Problems
  • Unit bars are required to be drawn correctly for a point on the test.
    • Comparison models may use two or more bars to represent the quantities being compared.
    • Each part of equal value is called a unit.  For instance, if the first unit bar is work 20 and the second unit bar is 5 times as large, the second unit bar should have five units drawn and 20 written in each unit.
  • The box weighs 4 kg 406 g.  The empty box weighs 512 g.  What is the weight of the items in the box?
  • The container of fruit weighed 219 g.  What is the weight of 7 such containers?  Give your answer in kilograms and grams.
  • Parcel A weighs 84 kg.  It is 2 times as heavy as Parcel B.  What is the weight of Parcel B?
  • 9 similar bags of cat food weigh 634 kg.  How much does one bag of cat food cost?
  • Two boxes weigh 69 kg.  One box weighs 52 kg 397 g.  What is the weight of the other box?
  • The box of grapes weighs 4 kg 58 g.  The box of apples weighs 873 g more than the box of grapes.  What is the weight of the box of apples?
  • Davis bought 8 cans of soda.  They weighed 782 g.  What was the weight of 3 such cans of soda?
  • Nebyu’s dog weighs 94 kg.  His cat weighs 6 kg less than the dog.  The bird weighs 62 kg less than the cat.  What does the bird weigh?
  • 7 kg 502 g of concrete mix was mixed with 793 g of sand.  How much more concrete must be added to make 9 kg of concrete?
  • Emma sold 4 kg 189 g of flour on Day 1.  Day 2 she sold 8 kg 731 g.  Day 3 she sold 6 kg 392 g.  If 1 kg of flour cost $6, how much did she earn in all?


Chapter 3- Examples of test questions:

  • 1 kg weighs 2.205 pounds or 35.28 ounces.  1 ounce has a mass of 28.35 grams.  There are about 2 pounds in 1 kg.  A person who weighs about 80 pounds weighs about 40 kilograms.
    • A quart of water weighs about 2 lbs
    • A slice of bread, about 60 paper clips, 11 pennies, or 5 quarters weigh about one ounce.
    • The abbreviation for pound, lb, comes from the Latin word libra, a unit of weight.
  • 5 lb = ______ oz
  • 7 lb 3 oz = ______ oz
  • 78 oz = ___ lb ____ oz
  • Add 7 lb 3 oz and 4 oz
  • Subtract 7 lb 3 oz from 9 oz
  • 8 apples weigh 640 oz.  One apple weighs _____ lb ____ oz
  • A box of apples weighs 81 oz.  9 such boxes weigh _____ oz
  • Separate scales for pounds and ounces both circular like a clock face:
    • Ounces scale has 16 single marks.
      • Each mark is 0 – 15
        • 0 is at noon
        • 8 is at 6 on the clockface
      • Read the weight in ounces.
      • An item is on the scale.  How much would 3 of the items weigh? _____ lb ____ oz
    • Pound scale
      • 0 is at noon
      • 1 lb would be at 3
      • 2 lb would be at 6
      • 3 lb would be at 9
      • 4 lb would also be at noon
      • between the numbers is a slightly longer line that represents half way
      • Smaller lines represent individual lb
      • Read the weight as _____ lb ______ oz.
  • A huge box of crayons weighed 4 lbs 7 oz.  Emily gave away 8 oz of crayons.  What was the weight of the remaining crayons?
  • Samuel put his toy cars in three containers.  The first container weighs 7 lbs 3 oz.  The second container weighs 31 oz more than the first.  The third container weighs 2 lbs less than the second box.  What is the weight of the third box?
  • Various items and weights are given in oz.  Find the weight of the items.  Give your answer in pounds and ounces.


Unit 7 Cumulative Test:

  • Review all of Units 1 - 7
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