Open House

Welcome to Mrs. Tokkesdal’s 3rd Grade Classroom!

It’s always exciting to think about a new school year starting.  From opening new glue sticks to putting on new shoes to meeting a new teacher, there is a special excitement about this time of year.  I am looking forward to working with your family to educate your child.  There are a few things that you can do to help the new year get off to a smooth start.


To Do:

  • Today
    • Fill out the “Student Information” sheet and place on Mrs. Tokkesdal’s desk.
    • Follow instructions for your child’s materials:

Pencil Box

12 sharpened pencils

2 red pens

Yellow highlighter

2 glue sticks


2 Pink Pearl erasers

Pencil sharpener

12 count colored pencils

2 dry erase markers


In Desk

Ruler (the 2nd ruler should be kept at home for Math homework)

Dry erase board

Sock or rag for cleaning dry-erase board

Back Table

3-dozen sharpened #2 pencils

1 dozen sharpened #2 pencils for Art

2 red pens

3 small glue sticks washable

12 ct. colored pencils

6 dry erase markers

1-subject spiral notebook

Wide ruled filler paper for Latin

Wide ruled filler paper for classroom

heavyweight poly folder

Classroom Cupboard

facial tissue box

disinfectant wipes


1-subject spiral notebook

  • On the cover: Literature

Composition notebook

  • On the cover: Grammar

Two-pocket heavyweight poly folder:

  • On the cover: Homework Folder
  • On the inside left pocket: “Homework”
  • On the inside right pocket: “Parent”

Red folder

  • On the cover: Writing and Grammar
  • On the inside left pocket: “Writing”
  • On the inside right pocket: “Grammar”

Blue folder

  • On the cover: Science and History
  • On the inside left pocket: “Science”
  • On the inside right pocket: “History”

Yellow folder

  • On the cover: Latin

Green folder

  • On the cover: Cursive and Oratory
  • On the inside left pocket: “Cursive”
  • On the inside right pocket: “Oratory”
  • 1st Day of School
    • Bring “sock” or rag for erasing student white board.
    • Bring two bookmarks.
  • Phonograms: It will be imperative for your child to memorize the 70 phonograms that their classmates memorized in previous years.  In 3rd Grade we do not reintroduce the phonograms we simply review them.  The expectation is that they are memorized.
    • Copies of the main 70 phonograms are included in this packet.  The 70 phonograms will be tested monthly.
    • A few phonograms differ from the “Reading Works” CD resource below.  They are correct on the paper copy attached.
      • ie - /e/ the /e/ of field; /i/ the /i/ of pie; /i/ the /i/ of George Washington, Father of our country, leader of the colonies – bold part removed
      • ui - /oo/, /u/ changed to /oo/ /i/ /ih/ that we do not use at the end of English words
      • ey - /a/ the /a/ of they; /e/ the /e/ of key; /i/ the /i/ of money honey – bold part removed
      • i - /ih/ /i/ /e/  - bold part added as in ski
      • u - /uh/ /u/ /oo/ /oo/ - bold part added as in rule
      • y - /yih/ /i/ /i/ /e/ - bold part added as in funny
    • For $10, a CD of the phonogram sounds may be purchased at:
      • Go under “Products – Teacher Materials”: Phonogram Sounds CD
      • There is also an interactive disk for $17 under “Products – Student Materials” – does not work on a Mac.
  • Geography: One of our memorization components includes memorizing the capitals and countries of Central and South America as well as the Caribbean and Mexico.  Although we will abbreviate this as “Central and South America”, the Bahamas is a part of North America.  Students will have a quiz matching capitals to countries later in the year.  The attached maps are to help students understand the location of the countries, however students will not be asked to locate the countries on a map for the test.
    • For the first day of school, students should have the capital and country memorized where their name is listed.  For each “Monday” of subsequent school weeks, the capital/country beneath it should be memorized.
      • For example, for the third week of school students have the capital/country memorized listed two beneath their name from the attached sheet.
    • Students are quizzed each day by my saying the country and they stand and say the capital (or reverse).
  • Introduction: Monday and Tuesday of the first week of school, students will stand in front of the class to introduce themselves.  Please have your child practice an introduction before the first day of school.  The presentation should be under three minutes.
    • Think about the three most important parts of your life.  What would they be?  Bring items that best represent you and your life to share with the class.  Feel free to bring items in a “me” bag.  Leave it in your locker until snack time.  A few ideas are:
      • Family photo
      • What you enjoy doing in leisure time
      • Culture
      • What is important to you
      • Favorite book
  • Oratory: Students will be memorizing poetry.  The memorization of poetry is done at home.  Please focus on:
    • Stance (posture of feet, hands, shoulders) – appropriate movement/actions are accepted, the body language should enhance the comprehensibility/impact of the message
    • Articulation (voice) – clarity of speech, appears natural and conversational
    • Eye Contact – looking other students in the eye, the delivery includes enthusiasm and facial expression
    • Memorization – saying the poem word for word smoothly, include pausing and pacing for emphasis and dramatic effect
    • Volume – loud enough to be heard clearly in the back of the room, variations in volume can stress important points
  • Medication: Any medication administered to your child during the school day will require:
    • A current school year written physician order and written parent/guardian permission (“Administration of Medication in the School” form).  This includes permission for both the over-the-counter or non-prescription medications and prescription medications.
    • Prescription medication must be brought to the school in its original bottle or container with the student’s name, medication name and dose, and physician’s name printed on the label.  The container or medication must be unopened.  Upon request, the pharmacy will divide the medication in two bottles – one for home and one for school.  Over-the-counter medication must come to school in its original container, unopened.
    • Parents must notify school health office when a medication is discontinued or the dosage or time has changed.  A new physician’s order/guardian signature and permission will be required at that time.
    • Any medicine your child carries and self-administers (including, but not limited to inhalers for asthma, epi-pens, Tylenol, Advil) will require a written physician order/signature (“Administration of Medication” form).
  • Volunteering: To volunteer, please note the following:
    • Classroom volunteers must sign in at the office and have a nametag on before entering the classroom.
    • Any volunteer, whether coming in to make copies or work in the classroom, must consent to, and pay for, a background check with the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension prior to any work authorization.  Background check forms are available in the office.  Also, a confidentiality agreement will need to be signed.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Do you like to spend time in the classroom?  Each day we have a Read Aloud time during the students’ snack time.  Think about coming in once a week or once a month to read.
      • Our first book is "The Island of the Blue Dolphins"!  I try to stop and talk about adaptations that are made to survive on the island alone to tie into our Animal Habitat unit in Science where we learn about animal adaptations.
    • General copying will be needed throughout the year.  I really appreciate when someone comes in weekly to offer help.
  • Wish List
    • Brights Classic Stampin’ Pads $54.50
      • Click Store
      • On left-hand side click “Shop by Color” and then “Brights”
      • Brights Classic Stampin Pads is a kit of 10 stamp pads
  • How You Can Get in Touch With Me
    • I am very happy to speak to you about any of your concerns or requests.
    • Please e-mail me at:
      • You will receive a response within two school days.  My main focus is teaching during the day, so urgent e-mails about after school pick-up must go through the office.
    • There is a phone in the classroom.  The classroom extension is 103.  Nova has the phones programed so they do not ring to avoid interrupting our lessons.  Even if you have the office forward a call to the classroom the phone will not ring.  You may leave a message if you’d like.
    • Classroom website:
    • Latin website: