Weekly Worksheets

For students to be ready for the MCA test and the depth of various concepts taught in Singapore 3, a Weekly Worksheet is sent home.


Singapore expects that students have mastered the materials taught in previous years.  Some students come in with the concepts mastered, and others will not.  These worksheets will be quick for some students and for others it will take longer.  Please make sure that your child has the concepts mastered as the Weekly Worksheets come home.  The worksheets will have concepts that add on to the previous week.


For example, when introducing Singapore Math’s unit on Time, it jumps right into elapsed time.  To help review how to tell time before we get to this unit, one week we will review telling time to the hour.  Another week we will focus on time to the half hour.  Telling time to the quarter hour and then to the minute will be separated into different weeks.


When Weekly Worksheet 1 comes home, if your child already knows how to tell time to the hour, this will just be a quick review at home.  If your child doesn’t know how to tell time, you will want to practice this concept until it is mastered.


The Weekly Worksheets are double-sided pages with various concepts being addressed.  It will need to be completed with a parent and have a parent signature.  Please return the sheet when your child has mastered the concepts.  For instance, if the sheet is handed out on Monday, and Monday night your child proves to you they can answer the questions/concepts with automaticity, please sign and return the sheet for Tuesday.  If your child needs more practice, the sheet is not “due” until the first day of the next week.  Some students will already know the concepts and only need a quick review.  Other students may need one-on-one help from parents.


Parents: The worksheets will need a mixture of you following the instructions and having the students respond to what you’re doing, such as telling you the time that you set on a demonstration clock, to the students writing answers down on the worksheets.


Weekly Worksheet Rubric

5 points for correct and complete assignment (see grading scale under Homework)

Parent Signature included in 5 points


Materials Needed at Home for Weekly Worksheets


Demonstration clock

Ruler with both inches and centimeters


Measuring cups and spoons

Cut 1-inch squares from any type of paper.  You will need 100 squares.



Once a week there will be “weekly worksheets” to master.

Daily: Each night there may be an assignment such as an addition packet and timed test.  Other evenings there will be homework from the Singapore workbook.  Even if a student completes the assignment in school, I request that the work goes home each night.  This allows time to review the work with parents to check for neatness, completeness, and accuracy.  The assignment is due the next morning.


Assignments are worth 5 points:

5 points – one error (½ point removed for each partial mistake – eg. not capitalizing months)

4 points – two to three errors

3 points – four to five errors

2 points – six to seven errors

1 point – eight or more errors

0 points – homework not done



Singapore Math quizzes and tests expect students to apply the information learned to higher-level thinking questions.


As you work through the homework assignments, please help talk with your child about various ways the question could be asked.  For example, when learning about number placement, would your student be able to figure out the smallest four-digit number or the largest three-digit number even if it’s not asked on a homework assignment?  Study guides with example test questions are available on the classroom website:


Word Problem Rubric for Tests

½ point for underlining the question

1 point for rewriting the question (some tests already have the question rewritten)

½ point for writing the who/what next to the unit bar

1 point for drawing the unit bar accurately

1 point for the equation(s) written correctly with a correct answer


Timed Tests

Blank +, -, and x sheets, and a Multiplication Table are being sent home.  Feel free to copy them for Math Fact practice during your evening homework time.  You could even laminate them so they are reusable!


Timed tests are scored.  If given a 5 minute timed test at the beginning of 4th Quarter, 50 are to be done for 100%.  When 5 minutes are given for Mental Math (3240+1001 = 4,241), at the beginning of 2nd Quarter 16 problems are to be correct for 100%.  If the students are not able to be do it “mentally”, then by all means encourage borrowing for subtraction and carrying for adding.


+, -, and x

Mental Math

Quarter 1 – 5 minutes

20 problems correct

8 problems correct

Quarter 2 – 5 minutes

30 problems correct

16 problems correct

Quarter 3 – 5 minutes

40 problems correct

24 problems correct

Quarter 4 – 5 minutes

50 problems correct

32 problems correct