Students I have worked with!

 I have had many great opportunities to work students of all ages!


Argentina students

I went to Buenios Aires, Argentina for a month during the spring of 2008.  These are 5th graders who I taught English to for three weeks.  They were so fun! We played Bingo, Hang Man, and other fun games to help them practice thier English.




 Here we were playing "I like.." If they liked something that I said they moved forward, very similar to red light, green light.

















Stellaluna is a great book to read to think about similarities and differences between bats and birds.  Second graders in Vestaburg, MI listened carefully to the story because they were listening for similarities and differences btween bats and birds. 



Here second graders in Alma, MI are amazed that a peice of string can hold up an ice cube just by sprinkling some salt on the ice cube.  These students were learning about the different types of matter.  


                                         Here is a student recording the different forms of matter she found in the room.                                                                                                                                            


I have also had the oppotunity to work with young students since I am earning my Early Childhood endorsement.  


Here I was working with Head Start students in Alma, MI.  We learned about our senses and I made this Senses Box to help students identfy all five of their senses.  


                                                                    Here I am reading the book Me and My Senese to the students during circle time.  







 These yong students are exloring the Senses Box.








                                                                             I am putting together a puzzle with some students at Head Start in Alma, MI.