Useful Websites

Here are some great websites that I have used: 

This is a great website for students to listen to someone read poems to them.  Students can also "play with words", they can create funny poems on a magnet wall, or play with cupcakes trying to find words that ryhme, and many more great activities that get students thinking like a poet!

 Here students can dive into learning about anything they wish. There are many interactive activities that are geared toward being fasinated with discovery!

There are many great ideas for teachers. Ideas ranging from lesson plan, to  reader's threater, ideas in all subject areas, and many more!

I personally love this website!  I went to a NEA conference last spring and I was given free access for a year.  This websites offers many great ideas, handouts, posters, bulliten board ideas, and much more!

This website helped me out during my student teaching experience.  I was required to do a professional development assignment.  I decided I wanted to find more ideas about transitioning to another subject smoothly and getting the students to refocus their attention.  This website gave me many ideas that I think everyone could benefit from looking at.