About Me


I have always wanted to be a teacher! I remember my first grade teacher let us preform a play for our parents where we made the puppets and set. It was so much fun! She made learning so much fun and she really cared about us.  Since that year, I remembering loving school; she opened the door to so many great experiences.

I have worked with students in many different situations.  I have been babysitter since 6th grade, helped young girls through Girl Scouts by being a camp counsolor at Camp Deer Trails, and tutored students in different subject areas. 

 I  enjoy being outdoors. I like camping, hiking, and siting by the camp fire. I have traveled all over the United States visiting several National and State Parks.  I have also traveled to Buenoss Aires, Argentina in May of 2008.  In Argentina, I saw many amazing sites. I saw Deveil's Throat and Iguazu.  I also taught 5th grade students English. I taught them several American games that they really enjoyed playing.  I also talked about several difference between our two cultures.  By talking about our differences and similarities, hopefully the students appreicate thier culture more and the differences of another culture.  This trip opened my eyes to unique cultural differences of another country as well as  that eachers all over the world share the same love of teaching as I do! 

I am a very family oriented person.  I enjoy spending time with my family and can't wait to start a family of my own.   One of my earliest memories of really enjoying my family were the times we shared at the dinner table.  We have always eaten dinner together and I knew my parents really enjoy hearing what I learned about at school.  My parents have shown me several important ideas about how to be involved in thier child's school life, which I will encourage the parents of my students to do the same.  


                                                                                  Stephannie Hesch