Student Teaching Experience

I have worked with some great students during my student teaching experience.  I have also worked with a wonderful and helpful cooperating teacher. 


Here are some of the great activities I have done and helped out with:

 -Poetry Unit

-Post Office

-Service Learning Project

-Impression 5 Science Center


Poetry Unit:

For one week, I exposed the students to poetry.  We read many different kinds of poems, by many different poets.   Each day we focused on a different type of poem.    

I taugt lessons on diffferent types of poems: free verse, haiku, ryhming, shape poems, and others.  In the morning, I read many poems to the students.  During thier guided reading time, the students read poems a loud to each other.  Finally, during their writing workshop they each created four different poems.   


In this picture, one student was helping me think of words that have one, two and three syllable words for thier Haiku poems.  



Here I was reading and talking about Shel Silverstein's poems. 

After the students created thier poems, we went to the computer lab to publish them.  The students opened up Word Perfect and typed thier own poems.  I encouraged the students to be creative, be like a true poet.  I asked the students if they thought their poem could be typed different than they wrote it, and most agreed they could make it different.

In the end, I created a Poet-Tree to display thier work!




 Post Office

At Bath Elementary School they run thier own Post Office.  The second, third and fourth graders, sell stamps for 10 cents, cancel the letters that have been put in the drop box, sort the mail, and deleiver the mail.  This is a challenging activity for the students as well as the teachers.  I had the opportunity to help the students sort the mail and help them understand thier responsibilities.  All the money raised went to help those in need in the Bath community.  


Here some students are adding a Snack Sack to the mail.   


                                                                                                                     Two students are stamping the mail to cancel the mail.  After this two

                                                                                        other students sort the mail and finally two other students deliver the mail.



Impresson 5 Science Center

 The students have been learning a lot about matter: solid, liquid and gas.  The students have also learned early in the year about the water cycle.  This science center was a great chance for students to put what they learned to action in the different centers.  The students were very excited to explore science in a new and exciting environment.  

    Here we are trying to build a boat made out of a plastic bag, straws, plastic tubs, and tape. 







Here the students and I are testing our product to see if it floats.  









We added some small rapids to test just how well the boats were made. 

                                                                                                                                           These students were enjoying themselves in the larger than life eye.                                                                                                                










                 Students are enjoying playing in the human mouth.  


Service Learning Project

The students helped thier school by making it a cleaner place to learn.  The students and I went outside and picked up trash around the school and in the playground.   After we collected the trash, we sorted it in the classroom into different forms of trash.  For example, we seperated it into plastic, paper, pop cans, and other.  The students then created a graph on the peices of trach they collected.  This project was a great way to talk about making our earth a clean place to live and to reinforce math skills.  

       Students are picking up trash around school.

See how much trash we collected!   We are only have way done.



Students are taking four pieces of trash and visually graphing the trash.  The students and I were interested in seeing which group, plastic, glass, paper, foil, and other,  had the most trash. 




Here I am doing guided reading with a group.  We were reading about growing a garden.  The students really enjoyed learning about how long a garden takes to grow and what plants look like from beginning to end.